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As title attorneys we focus on protecting you.

B2B Title

We make sure that when you buy a residential or commercial property that you can receive a clear title without issues that may cost you money or other problems in the future.

Today’s real estate transactions are often complicated and present many roadblocks.  We are experts in the law and have handled many closings and negotiations.  Besides looking out for your interests in regards to a title, we can ensure that the seller has disclosed all defects, we’ll read the inspection report, inform you of the risks when buying a foreclosure, see what litigation might affect you like a partition, divorce or probate.  We’ll check out leases, assignment of leases and can facilitate an eviction. We understand condominium rights and restrictions, waterfront property restrictions, and code violations.  Our team has facilitated purchases of personal property, boundary issues, and the different ways to own real estate. 

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B2B will help resolve title issues, advise on the marketability of the titles, help in closing with open title issues, and advise of deed requirements under Florida Law.  We know how to handle transactions if the buyer or seller is an entity, are experienced in transactions regarding foreign sellers and the IRS requirements, and we can assist with negotiating all the agreements from the listing agreement to when the deed is recorded and the title insurance is issued.

We’ll advise on the 100 or more types of affidavits that affect common title issues, we’ll explain the lenders and bowers obligation for the mortgage, and how, after purchase, a buyer can transfer property.

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